Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tonight I had the amazing invitation to attend the Herlife Magazine red carpet event at the Saratoga National Golf Course! It was absolutely beautiful! Herlife Magazine focuses on necessities for women and includes documentation on inspirational women in our communities!
I attended the event with Miss Empire Star's outstanding teen, Madison Manuel.
We had a great time together as we wandered around and introduced ourselves to everyone we possibly could! We met such a great variety of people! Some involved in the PTA program at Stillwater schools, some very enthusiastic supporters of the magazine, professional dancers, the radio host of 95.5 and of course the editor in chief of Herlife!
The best thing about this event was being able to explain in conversation, what the Miss America program stands for and what our individual platforms meant to us. We were mistaken as tulip festival contestants a couple times but thats okay! The event was very short but it was very productive in that we were able to further educate all of these already highly intelligent people about what Miss America is really about! I am so blessed everyday to have this opportunity to carry the title of Miss Empire Star so that I can continue to talk about what is important to me and make an impact. As Kaitlin Monte, Miss New York 2011 told all of the girls; it is not how many appearances you make or how many titles you win. It is not about how good your hair looks or about the crown itself. It is about how many people you make a difference for. It is about how much of an impact you have when you talk to communities about important topics such as bullying prevention, animal abuse prevention, higher education, ANYTHING that can produce positive changes! We are not just beauty queens who show up to appearances to look pretty. We have things to say and one mission, and that is to inspire as positive role models who put everything into what we are passionate about. Our organization and our platforms. I am one of those contestants who wants the keys to that car. I want the car because I want to drive it everywhere with the impacts I make for others as my fuel to keep going. That is what really matters to me and I am so happy to be competing with 25 other girls who feel the same way!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Over the weekend I traveled to Staten Island for the Miss New York Workshop. It was a four hour drive but worth every minute! The constructive criticism and preparation I collected throughout the day was amazing and I believe it is really going to help me excel even more than I thought possible! Meeting the girls was probably the best part of the day. Conversation was so comfortable but of course, why would it not be?! We all share the same dream. :)
Janet was so good to us! She drove us all the way down and we then had an empire party in the hotel room! It consisted of chicken ceasar wraps and pizza. A salad for me! :p
During the workshop, one of the most special parts for me was when we had one on one time with the current Miss New York Kaitlin Monte. She is incredible. I do not believe that word is even enough to describe her. She has made me realize so many things that I already knew. She just dragged it out and changed my whole perspective on everything but most importantly myself. While she was talking to us she explained how scared she was the moment she had been crowned. She explained that all throughout the gala in the lobby, she knew she had huge shoes to fill and that a lot would be expected of her as she just earned the biggest job in New York State. She went on to say that there were times she called her mother to vent and cry. That she was scared and overwhelmed. that sometimes she did not feel confident getting ready in the morning, having anxiety that her hair was not done the right way. This meant so much to me because there are so many girls that want something so badly but they struggle very badly with confidence whether it be from an unknown source or something from childhood experience. Saturday April 14th was the first day of my pageant career that I believed in myself 100 percent that I have everything it takes to move past the Miss New York Stage. I am just as capable as every one of those young women onstage. Kaitlin helped me to realize that I am not alone and that I have the opportunity to be the owner of those keys to the car that I will be driving everywhere I possibly can as a human being. I made it a point to find her and thank her but I hope she knows just how much that changed everything for me. :) It is amazing to have someone so real as our Miss New York and I am more than honored to know her!
As the day progressed we worked with Justin Popovich in swimsuit and fitness. As we sat in the audience the music started blaring and there he was in 3 inch platforms and six inch heels! He has the most fierce walk I have ever seen and REALLY knows what he is doing LOL. I enjoyed him very much! As the day ended we were all sooo tired. I am pretty sure all three of us slept on the way home but it was such an amazing experience and I am more excited than I have ever been before for June to arrive! Thank you God, for this opportunity :)
-Miss Empire Star, Danielle Trumbull

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pins for Pets! A fantastic benefit put on by Steve Caporizzo and WTEN's Pet Connection! I was so happy to be able to make it because I was supposed to have class but it was unexpectedly cancelled. The benefit was held at the Spare Time Family Fun Center in Latham. The easter bunny and a member of the KISS band were just a few who were in attendance! :p
When I arrived Steve put the cameras back on and had me announce the event on the news. It was really special and I enjoyed being able to speak to the region I represent to tell them about the event. Bocker the famous pet was there! He was so tired that he was laying spread out on the floor by his table! He will be appearing in Men In Black 3 so watch for him! I was able to get a lot of pictures with him and I bought his book that follows his life. It was so touching to see all the people he has made amazing changes for. He has participated in the walk for Autism and so much more.
My friend Kevin came to support me and take pictures. We had a game of bowling and then moved on to visiting and cotton candy! lol. Steve put on a great benefit and as always made a lot of differences for animals in the capital region.
I also found out Chester, who was on pet connection when I visited was adopted! GREAT NEWS!