Monday, November 14, 2011

There is an organization I think every animal lover and animal rights activist should be aware of and its called the "Best friends animal society". This shelter/animal rights organization has made significant progress already in one of their main goals to reduce the numbers of animals killed in shelters annually. They have succeeded in bringing that number down to five million but that number is still terrible. More ideas and initiatives are going to need to be brought to attention and put into action so that this organization and anyone wishing to help can bring this ugly number of 5 million down to 0. :)

It will continue to show through that anyone who abuses an animal or is not kind to them will most definitely be willing to commit a violent crime against humanity. We need to identify this correlation and make a difference not only for the animals affected but for our communities. This is not only about one kind of abuse or danger. This is about protecting every living breathing thing that should never have to endure such torture and disfortune. We are protecting our communities in ways we never have before with this concept. If you ate curious about getting involved here is the website explaining any question you could possibly have!

I'll leave you with the philosophy of the best friends animal society: "Kindness to animals creates a better world" I could never say it better myself!