Friday, August 13, 2010

Well we almost have everything figured out for the Mr. Fulton County pageant. I got all the information I needed as far as the venue is concerned. Now its time to get everything organized and make the flyers! yay!

Next on the list is to get my classes situated and hand in my schedule to work. Im hoping I can hold another variety show to fund raise for the animal shelter again. Then I will do another fundraiser for the Children's miracle network and yet another event for organizations that are in need of money in the community. Im going to need every bit of time that I can muster.=P

I still havent gotten in to interview the new animal hospital or the albany medical hospital. I think I could learn a lot that I don't know by actually physically going there and asking these questions. lets just hope I can keep this all under control and get everything done.

Tomorrow is the golf tournament fundraiser for miss fulton county! super excited about that! I'm definitely not a golfer but its always a benefit to try new things and come out of your normal interests and schedule. Ill be updating tomorrow!