Monday, July 26, 2010

Ive been running around everywhere trying to get things accomplished. and I am accomplishing my goals a day at a time! but i havent had a chance to sit down and actually write about whats been going on. Im so excited for so many things! I met with my friends Colleen Gagne and Heather Shaffer today and Mr. Fulton County is well underway!=D We began organizing and getting things set today and its going to be a great show once we get everything into order and even more enthusiasm is applied! Its going to be a blast and im positive a great success! Contestants will be between the ages of 17 and 24 and must be a high school senior. It's going to be a fun show that will be family oriented for everyone to enjoy=) If you know anyone who may be interested please feel free to spread the word and the information but please be aware that some minor details may end up changing as we are still figuring out the event.

I begin volunteering this week at the Nathan Littauer Nursing home! I've got so many ideas and I can't wait to put them into action. I'm really excited for the opportunity to entertain and use the gifts God gave me for the benefit of others! I'm planning to major in gerontology so this is a great thing for me. I've got so much love to give and I'd really like to make a difference in the lives of others so this is my chance!

I came across a pretty fantastic article today about women taking leadership positions in the church throughout society. Not only is this just simply happening but it is becoming a local event throughout fulton county and the surrounding areas!!! Although this is not the case in the Roman Catholic church, women have indeed began to take head positions in methodist, presbytarian, congregational, and episcopal congregations. In Fulton County we have atleast nine female leaders in the churches. We are definitely making headway in proving that women are powerful and capable of anything as well as expanding our roles in society! It is amazing that women are becoming increasingly prominent as leaders in the church because with God and through God anything and so many good things can be accomplished! lets keep striving to better ourselves and the world around us ladies! Making God a first priority in our lives isthe best way to do this. we are not to be held back!

Tomorrow I will be visiting the animal shelter on nine mile tree road to apply for volunteer hours. I am definitely going to want to take every animal home. someone stop me? =P=)

I will be updating within the next couple days. Be sure to check it out!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hey everyone! so there have been a lot of complaints in the community and some directly to myself about the costs of veterinary services. I came across an editorial in the Leader Herald newspaper submitted by James Hammond of Hagaman. I completely agree with his points that there are too many miscellaneous and questionable tests added onto a bill when an owner takes their pet to the vet for one reason or another? How can we cut down on these expensive bills and start to cut down the costs? If you are in this position it is a good idea to call the veterinarian ahead of time and get the estimated cost of the procedure you are requesting. Our pets need accurate, affordable, and considerable care just as much as we do. It is our job to make sure they get this care because they cannot speak or fend for themselves. They depend on us for their well being, love and affection. What I'm saying is when faced with one of these expensive bills check with your veterinarian to see if these added on expenses are absolutely necessary so that you can keep the cost affordable while still providing accurate health care for your little buddy!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Horse camp at the Fonda Fairgrounds!

I went to visit the horse camp on the Fonda fairgrounds today. The adults there were not authorized to actually train the horses but they did provide me with a lot of great information as to how to care for the horses properly and accurately teach the children these skills. I interviewed the mother of a young girl named Twyla who was well informed and had been in attendance at the camp for a couple years. The first question I asked her was how the camp was beneficial to the horses and the campers. The camp provides the beginning riders and experienced riders alike with the knowledge on how to respect and care for their horses as well as give them volunteer opportunities in a field favored by them and that sparks their interests. I was really glad to see that the horse camp was very well prepared for safety and precautions. All campers were required to have a good understanding on how their horses normally behave. I thought it was so great that the kids were taught about how horses have different personalities and how to familiarize with them in order to prevent pain or treat a horse that might be experiencing illness. A Vetenarian volunteered their time to come in and spend some time with the children yesterday. He presented a powerpoint presentation on how to recognize signs of danger or illness such as a horse being in fear or having a colic. A colic is a pain in the abdomen that can be fatal to a horse if not worked out of the horses abdominal region. There are different forms of colics and different ways to treat them. In accordance to the safety precations campers were required to wear helmets and a heeled boot. Their equipment was required to be customized to fit their horse and they were not allowed unsupervised riding time. It was also necessary for each camper and their horse to pass an evaluation and have the ability to transition and ride the horse quietly. Some of the children who did not pass the evalutation were given extra time with an adult. These investigations are a vital part of safety precautions because if a horse is not in good shape to participate in the camp injuries could occur for both the horse and rider. Aside from practicing with the horses it is extremely important to ensure the stalls are in good condition for the horses and there is an adequate amount of food and water provided for the horses throughout the day.

Something I was completely horrified to learn about was information I accquired from my adopted little sister Dee Dee DeRosa( who really knows her stuff!;-)) For auctions horses are drugged and sedated so that they are calm when presented to the people for purchase. This is so dangerous! Dee Dee told me about her experience with a horse she had from an auction that was given a drug that lasted 30 days. After the 30 days were over the horse had some spontaneous behaviors and ended up breaking her wrist. A lot of times the horses are sold off the auction block directly to the slaughterhouse. I strongly believe this should be put to an end and I'd like to raise awareness and make a difference regarding this issue. Its cruel to both the horse and the rider and appalling that someone could have so little a conscience.

However the horse camp is very beneficial to helping the young riders learn safety precautions, how to relate to their horses, and how to carefully care for them.

This weekend I plan to start my volunteering at the nursing home at Nathan Littauer hospital in Gloversville NY and I would also like to interview the Glove Cities veterinary hospital as well as the Johnstown Animal Clinic. Be sure to check out my blog to see my opinions and experiences!