Tuesday, September 7, 2010

hey everyone! ive totally been MIA. sorry for that =P Ive pretty much got everything organized and put together and I'm really excited to get back on track and get everything taken care of! My last semester at FM starts tomorrow and I'm getting serious about everything else to prepare for the Miss Fulton County Pageant! This pageant is so important to me and I think its necessary for me to start now to get ready for it =)

Im really looking forward to sunday. My friend Jenna Poulin asked me to participate in the YMCA telethon. My time slot is 11 to 12 and Iwill be singing 4 songs. Its such a great opportunity! because performing is what I love to do and I havent been doing enough of it. I love the opportunities where I am able to contribute to my community by doing things I absolutely love=)

Im not going to have much free time but thats ok with me. Time is going to fly by! Ive got so much work to do!