Monday, October 31, 2011

Here is a picture of some of the food I collected. Im trying to get the picture of the group who held the contest as well but my phone confuses me a little lol. So that will be up on here by the weekend hopefully. I have the cute little pink hair strand in for breast cancer awareness! October is a good month :p I have delivered the food to Helping Paws and I now need to find time to get out to the animal shelter in Herkimer :p I am joining a sorority on campus called sigma delta tau. Theyre pretty awesome! No hazing and no nonsense! We just volunteer and make new friendships. :) its a really nice group. I cant wait to see what our next projects are going to be. This weekend Ill be going home to see my cousin in albany and then next weekend is the veterans day parade and the informational mixer for Miss Fulton County! It's gaining on us! I have pretty much everything I need and now Im just putting the last touches on my application.
We are just starting the food vs fuel project which is an effort to provide the elderly with food for the winter so that they don't have to choose between being warm and being fed. So many of our elderly in communities cannot afford to heat their homes and buy groceries at the same time. so we are going to change that for 16 families this winter :) Ill have an article update up by tonight. Stay warm!